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What are the Best Indicators For Day Trading?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Everything you find in the UPRIGHT Trading Suite will be superior to anything you'll find elsewhere. Most Day Traders use a strategy involving either a cross and a confirmation or a pattern with a confirmation. Here at UPRIGHT, we've spent thousands of hours, input hundreds of Day Trading strategies, and simplified the strategies into algorithms.

These algorithms find & give signals & alerts when a cross, cross-confirmation, pattern, etc. occurs so you can keep your focus on when to enter and exit. This is all done for you, so you're able to anticipate price action that no one else in the world can.

Even in this small image, there are enormous amounts of information to unpack.

Let's talk about some of it:

Notice how the Unreal Algo's precise buy/sell signals and Moving Average cloud help a trader (that went long) keep their confidence even during small pullbacks on the right side and to exit when it's a sea of red on the left.

The Awesome Volume indicator (Relative Volume and Advanced Price Volume Trend) shows the bearish or bullish volume spikes, while the PVT provides a few buy/sell signals, and highlights bullish/bearish divergences (for advanced traders). Lastly, UPRIGHT's (original) MoneyFlowTrend Oscillator shows who's buying and selling, when the green bars are up, institutions or large buy orders are taking place, while red bars show the opposite. This oscillator provides traders with extremely accurate signals as well.

The image to the right is another example of how UPRIGHT's Suite can keep a trader out of trouble and stay in the green. If someone was just using a Stoch RSI or RSI with default settings, you would have gotten a clear long buy signal after the 1st drop at the blue "Here." Your first clear sell wouldn't be until the first purple "Here," (loss of $4 * # shares) and if you didn't stick to your stop-loss or get out when there was a false breakout, down you'd go until the last purple "Here" (loss of $8.50 * #shares)

While someone using the Unreal Algo and any of UPRIGHT's indicators would see a strong sell (short) trend. Even while the stock is being bought up, the Algo is saying Sell (to the right of the "Down" directional signal).


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