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Automatically create trendlines easily.


This makes it easier for beginners and professionals alike to analyze a charts trending support and resistance .

What are Trendlines and why do we use them?
In short, a trendline is a diagonal line that connects to two or more price points on a chart to show the current direction of price. These are used to identify and confirm trend direction in technical analysis and show support and resistance points.

Utilizing pivot points and different calculations for sources we're able to create the trendlines ; with adjustable slopes (or just use of proprietary calculations) we are able to make these lines to line up with the current trend.

How it's different:
Accurate auto-drawn calculated trendlines .

Fully customizable - the ability to adjust the trendlines easily to exact specifications with every type of trader in mind.

Can be used to spot long trend as well as short, by adjusting length or using extend both to see previous pivots it's touched.

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