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Top & Bottom Finder

Find tops and bottoms even in volatile market conditions.

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Service Description

The Top & Bottom indicator uses volatility and standard deviations, among other calculations, to assist you in finding the top or bottom of trends. You may also notice that it uses a lot of different strength indicators to provide an additional layer of complexity and confirmation. Not just an RSI, but an RSI EMA, smoothed OBV RSIs, and other Volume RSIs. This is a truly unique and powerful tool for any Trader - whether you've just started or you've been trading for 20 years, I'm confident you will find value in the Top & Bottom Finder. How to use it: When it detects the trend, Bottoming or Topping the histogram will change color. Bottom - Green/blue, Top - Red, (different shades of colors for different detection). I've spent several hours tweaking the calculations and filters to enhance the accuracy, so this will be a noticeable upgrade from my original Top & Bottom Finder. The length of the histogram bar can be a sign by itself; especially when it lines up close to one of the plotted lines and has noticeable direction change following this. I've added a lot of text and pictures to help display its capabilities, features, and customizability. As always, it's fully customizable with alerts. Can toggle anything on or off and change the colors to suit your style.

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