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Top and Bottom Finder Premium

Buy at the right time with the ability to Find trend Tops and Bottoms and multiple detections of overbought/oversold with this indicator.

Top and Bottom Finder Premium

This is an updated version of my previous Top & Bottom Finder (M.Right_Top & Bottom Finder 1.0).
The timing of this release couldn't be more perfect with everyone trying to 'find the bottom'. And the increased volatility that we've been seeing as of late.

Essentially, this indicator uses volatility and standard deviations, among other things, to assist you in finding the top or bottom of trends. You may also notice that it uses a lot of different strength indicators to provide an additional layer of complexity and confirmation.
Not just an RSI, but an RSI ema, smoothed OBV RSIs, and other volume RSIs. This is a truly unique and powerful tool for any Trader - whether you've just started or you've been trading for 20 years, I'm confident you will find value in the UPRIGHT Trading Top & Bottom Finder.

How to use it:
When it detects the trend Bottoming or Topping the histogram will change color.
Bottom - Green/blue, Top - Red, (different shades of colors for different detection types).
I've spent several hours tweaking the calculations and filters to enhance the accuracy, so this will be a noticeable upgrade from my original Top & Bottom Finder.
The length of the histogram bar can be a sign, especially when it lines up close to one of the plotted lines and has noticeable direction change following this.

As always, it's fully customizable with alerts.

Ability to toggle anything on or off, and change the colors to suit your style:
3 Unique RSI's, different colors on the histogram will show different levels of detection. Some are more accurate in some timeframes than others. Bright Green and Bright Red are the most different from the rest. I've jam-packed this indicator with Buy/Sell and Confirmation Signals and even background highlights (with colors that can mesh together to show signal strength). Find what works best for you.

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