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OrderZones - Supply & Demand (Predictive)

Finds the areas with the strongest buying or selling pressure.

OrderZones - Supply & Demand (Predictive)

Let's talk about what Supply & Demand Zones are. They are a pattern and technical analysis technique used in day and swing trading. Demand zone represents the area with strongest buying pressure and Supply zone represents selling pressure. Often these zones will show Institutional/Large buyers and sellers executing their orders causing price to move up or down very quickly, creating a long wick on a small and sometimes momentum that feeds into the larger timeframes. Therefore, in the simplest terms, the Supply and Demand Orderzones are the zones the price often gets rejected from or returned to; when Demand exceeds Supply, price jumps up and vice versa.
Unlike lines of support and resistance , these are zones more closely than precise lines, but can help gauge Support and Resistance on the fly.
Richard Wykoff was one of the first market analysts to explain the interaction of these phases, giving them four labels. It is in the understanding of Wyckoff's explanation of market price action, that supply and demand zones are also known as Accumulation and Distribution zones (Accumulation, Markup, Distribution, Markdown).

->Shows potential entries on break from zone. Pivots . Large breakdowns or breakouts signaling possible trend change.
->Super Fast Real-time Orderzone creation. Resistance line at Supply, shows multiple dimensions of each zone when large enough.

Multiple calculation modes with different lengths and displays.
AutoBox (Predictive Orderzones).
Buy/Sell Highlights.
UPRIGHT – Ultimate Reversals ( Support/Resistance version).
Breakouts/Breakdowns + Signals.
Pivot Labels (HH, HL, etc).
Pivot Bar.
Pivot Buy /Sell Signals.
Fully Customizable—Change line types, transparency, colors, etc).

I am still working on the calculations for one more addition, but as it is, this should help anyone automate their S/D technical analysis .

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