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MoneyFlowTrend Oscillator Premium

This groundbreaking supply & demand momentum indicator will accurately show when banks/institutions are buying/selling, and give clear buy/sell signals for exceptional entries/exits.

MoneyFlowTrend Oscillator Premium

Built on the idea of Supply & Demand Zones, this utilizes money flow and numerous calculations to create a picture of what is happening underneath the surface of the price action.
Richard Wykoff was one of the first market analysts to explain how the economic cycle can explain market price action; thus, technical analysis . He described two zones among the total of 4 phases; the two zones are Distribution and Accumulation zones, also known as Supply & Demand zones.
Since most of you already know the economic cycle, I will try to be concise.
The basic ideas:
When supply > demand, the price goes up down.
When demand > supply, price goes up.
When demand = supply, the price stays about the same (going sideways).

Price action has --Uptrends, downtrends, and price ranges (consolidation).
Wykoff's 4 phases to explain this price action :
1) Accumulation ( Demand zone )
2) Markup (Uptrend)
3) Distribution ( Supply zone )
4) Markdown (Downtrend)

With all that said, usually you will either see a sharp jump from a supply or demand zone or it will consolidate within it. Until a new one is formed on the chart.
This indicator attempts to put all of that into a lower indicator. I tried to separate the retailers and the banks and then put them back together to get a full picture.

-Even MORE (quality & quantity) Accurate signals.
-Reversal Signal added (Circle- shown on chart)
-Cleaner Scaling and Organization.

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