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Awesome MACD+

The most accurate and full featured MACD indicator you'll ever find.

Awesome MACD+

I'd like to introduce you all to the Awesome MACD+ indicator.

As most of you know, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence, MACD, indicator is a one of the most popular indicator among traders. The MACD is a trend-momentum indicator that measures the relationship between moving averages and uses a signal line to show crossovers between the MACD line. The signal line is often used as the trigger for buy/sell signals with a cross of the MACD line or confirmation when used with other strategies. More advanced traders will look for divergences; divergences can, for example, show a weakness in the trend.

How the Awesome MACD+ is different:
• This MACD uses several complex equations and filters to improve accuracy.
• Multiple extremely accurate Buy/Sell signals not found on a traditional MACD indicator.
• Ability to use 2 different background highlight signals and several buy/sell signals.
• Fully customizable (as always), ability to turn on or off any signals, change any of the colors to suit your needs.
• Advanced Algo trend filtering.
• Easy to read signals for every level of trader. Whatever your style or skill level, the Awesome MACD+ is easily customizable to fit your needs.

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